Let us take you on a journey of deep relaxation and well-being, where you can rejuvenate and enjoy a special experience. Our spa, surrounded by tropical nature and a charming river, offers you the intimacy, comfort and quiet you need to unwind.

Experience a complete detox of both body and mind in one of our deluxe saunas or relax in the herbal steam to give your immune system a boost. Our exclusive spa, nestled in the jungle, offers a unique experience as you soak in the hot spring and gaze at the starry island sky.

Indulge in our amazing massage or water therapy sessions, where our skilled therapists will help you melt away your tensions. Our comfortable and well-maintained spa treatment rooms will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized, allowing you to fully recharge.

Whether you are planning a spa day with friends or seeking an intimate experience with your partner, we offer a range of seating and pool areas to suit your needs. Even on rainy days, our indoor spaces provide an open and airy environment where you can enjoy nature and relax.

Our Spa Facilities: